About Us

Who I am

My name is Amanda and I am extremely grateful to have you here. I have been natural since I can remember, but started investing more time and attention to my hair Summer of 2019. When I migrated to Canada the harsh weather damaged my hair texture and quality, which resulted in me losing confidence in myself.

I opt into trying different hair product but I wasn’t getting the result I wanted.  I started to research on my hair and implement simple natural hair regimen that yield amazing results, not only did I achieved growth, I achieved a healthy hair growth. For one (1) complete year I dedicated my weekends to doing experiments on myself and my friends with different hair types  using natural and organic oils and butter, during that time I saw some of the most incredible results.  Later, I was encouraged to share my knowledge by making products available for other people to use and reap the benefits as I am doing now. I took this encouragement and mustered up enough courage and capital to share my hidden secret with the world under the name Aada Naturals.

I cannot promise you overnight growth, but I can assure you that with consistency and patient you will achieve a healthy growth. I continue to research on hair types as well as the herbs, oils, and butters that are used to formulate these products that I am bringing to my natural hair brothers and sisters. Be mindful that the most important aspect of healthy hair growth involves low tension protective styles, daily scalp care by using water to moisturize, while oils and  butters works to seal in the moisture. Please note that the less tension the hair experience the more length it retains.

Thank you for joining the family, I look forward to continue on this journey of healthy hair growth with you.

Love Amanda